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Promote freedom one step at a time through
compassionate and supportive counseling.

One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is its being a sign of weakness. Recognizing the need for help and seeking professional therapy are signs of great strength and determination. Following an initial evaluation, we will work together to identify your goals for therapy.

Therapy is a collaborative process in which you and your therapist form a working relationship that is designed to facilitate change and growth during times of transition or emotional/psychological distress.  The length of your treatment will depend on your own personal goals and the types of problems to be addressed.

Common Areas Addressed in Therapy Include:

Strengthening Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Resources for Individuals

  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Managing depression
  • Strengthening faith
  • Facing and managing addiction


  • Building stronger relationships
  • Healing wounds caused by a relationship

Changes, Losses, & Transition

  • Coping through a loss by divorce, separation, or through death of a loved one
  • Support for taking care of a loved one
  • Resolving emotional aftershock of a traumatic event


  • Anger Management
  • Self Image
  • Boundaries in Marriage
  • Parenting and Teen Groups

Start your path to improving your quality of life today.

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